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Two Great Days!

Posted on Apr 25, 2012

I had two great days last week, one in Edison, New Jersey and one in Toronto, Canada. That's right, two towns, two countries, two success stories!

Last Thursday, April 19th, Woodrow Wilson Middle School held it's 10th Annual Student-Faculty basketball game for Lainie's Angels in support of our parent advocacy programs.  Lainie finished the sixth grade at Woodrow, and she is remembered there every year in a Spirit Week that culminates in the basketball game.  To date, Woodrow, has raised 20 thousand dollars over the last ten years for Lainie's Angels.  An amazing feat for the students, faculty, staff and administration of WWMS.  It's always great for me to go back to school and be reminded of Lainie and how much everyone there supports our mission of parent advocacy and peer support.  Thanks everyone at WWMS.

Speaking of parent advocacy, the next day, Friday, April 20th, I jumped on a plane to Toronto, in order to conduct a volunteer training program, for parents who serve our program at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto.  Sick Kids serves all of Ontario, and we had parents in attendance from all over the province.   These parents will facilitate our Toronto program, but also help to create new programs in the towns where they live.  Cancer kids and their parents have to travel a long way to get to Sick Kids, so consistent support is hard to find.  These dedicated parents are setting up support groups in their home towns, to be there for families when they are not in Toronto at the hospital.

The training session took place all day Saturday and was well received by the parents.  Hosted by our Canadian partner, OPACC (Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer),, twenty parents completed the training and will now begin their parent advocacy throughout the province of Ontario.  I cannot say enough about our Canadian counter-parts and the efforts and achievements they have made on behalf of our mission over the last three years.  Go Canada!  Go Lainie's Angels!

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