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Stathi's Internet Epiphany

Posted on Mar 07, 2012

Content pressure. I have been advised by my marketing and development team about this strange and new dynamic that I know nothing about, except that you just keep putting stuff on the internet and things happen. Frankly, when they first described it to me I was skeptical. Then, a strange and wondrous thing happened!

Here's what happened.  I was working at my computer when Lou, our marketing director and guru, called me on the phone and told me to google a few words and see what happens.  Well, I did it and there on the page, the fifth name down, was Lainie's Angels and a nice little blurb about what we do.  I was impressed.  We never come up that quick on Google searches and so I asked Lou how come.  Content pressure was his answer.

 You see, I wrote a blog recently for a website up in Canada called Yummy Mummys.  It's not what you think.  It's a fun website for women to share all kinds of stuff.  Of course, I'm a member now, honorary, but it's fun getting the mail because I learn all this stuff about women I never knew, like Mel Gibson in "What Women Want."  Anyway, I digress.  It seems my blog, published on their website, created content pressure, as Lou explained.  Now I'm really impressed because if that's all it takes to get to number five on the first Google page, then you're going to be hearing a lot more from me!  In fact, you'll probably get sick of hearing from me,but too bad, I'm on the move.  It's my mission now!

Another thing I have been dealing with is understanding my Twitter account.  Our media strategist, Christina, is a mad woman on Twitter and all my friends love it.  They think it's me posting on Twitter, but if truth be told, I can't tell the difference between a hash tag and hash browns.  And can anyone tell me what FF means.  On my tape player it means fast forward.  On Twitter, I have no clue.  So, I leave it to the experts and all my other family members and friends, to tweet for me, and I will gladly take the credit for all their work.  I appreciate the efforts guys.  Keep it up!

But seriously folks, social media is something we are dedicated to at Lainie's Angels.  As a baby boomer, I prefer to just talk to someone, not the whole world.  But my daughters, Sam and Alex, they love it.  And let's face it, they're the future.  Think of all those donors who will some day support Lainie's Angels.  They will do it on the internet, probably exclusively.  Who knows?  So please, visit our website and join in the fun.  Facebook, Twitter, me and all the blogs to come can all be yours.  Baby boomers, don't be afraid.  If I can do it, so can you.  And while you're at it.  Send money, we need it.  Until next time, love to all!

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